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Data PROCESSING notes? Click Here:-)

Data Collection Notes:

Basic Recommendations for Shutterless Data Collection with the Pilatus Detector

Recommendations for MAD Data Collection

Holton's Web Based Crystal Size Calculator

Holton's Web Based Crystal Lifetime Calculator

run cellvolume.comfrom the command line to determine if you have a detectable signal for flurescence scans (>~10 mMolar is required)

Heavy Atom Collection Notes
(Some are out of date, because they refer to issues or techniques specific to the old ADSC detector)

Recommedations for collecing MAD data, in particular Mercury

Collecting Sulfur SAD data
I. Collecting Bromine data
II. Collecting Bromine data
Where to collect? At the K Edge or L-III Edge?
How dangerous are Mecury Soaked Protein Samples (Not very!) Holton's Anchovie Analysis
Collecting Iodinated RNA data
Collecting at the Strontium Edge
Collecting Lanthonide data

A Beginner's Guide to Radiation Damage
Radiation Damage Rates: James Holton's, "How long will my crystal last?"