A Few Useful SCRIPTS are here.
Data COLLECTION notes are here.
Data Processing Notes

_ Easy way to run XDS with automated scripts
_ Starting XDS "by hand" at BL831
_ Specify Space Group and Resolution on command line with xds_runme.com
_ Merging data sets; XDS/XSCALE/XDSCONV instead of mosflm/scala/truncate for users familiar with ELVES

_ How to start xds_rollup.com to process all you data AFTER each Wedge of data has been collected. _

_ BL831: XDS .LP logs, stats, resolution cuttoff, ...

_ ESRF XDS web pages link
_ Browsing the XDS wiki

_ Holton notes on mosflm vs XDS, and XDS License

HKL def.site is here:

How to start phenix

Matthews Coefficient Calculator
Protein Sci. Sep 2003; 12(9): 1865–1871. Article on Mattthews Coefficient Probablilites
UCLA's Michael Sawaya provides more info about Matthews Coefficients, Twinning and other links...
Berkeley Lab's Computational Crystallography Initiative Web Site >

More than you'll ever want to know about Integration and Scaling: from a Harry Powell lecture

Protein crystallography for aspiring crystallographers... by Alexander Wlodawer,Wladek Minor, et al; NCBI