END and RAPID Maps

The END_RAPID.com script takes standard structure factors, a coordinate file, and a phenix refine input file to create an absolutely-scaled Electron Number Density (END) map and a corresponding noise Refinement Against Perturbed Input Density (RAPID) map.

END_RAPID.com is a shell script. It is distributed open source and requires less than 1 MB of disk space to install. END_RAPID.com has undergone limited testing in linux operating environments. END_RAPID.com is dependent on the external programs CCP4 Software Suite and Phenix, which are downloadable and freely available to academics.

Download END/RAPID Script


When citing END/RAPID, please refer to: Protein structural ensembles are revealed by redefining x-ray eletron density noise. Lang PT, Holton JM, Fraser JS, Alber T. PNAS USA. 111 237-247