Quick Reference

for beamline 8.3.1

Where are the BL8.3.1 Status and Schedule pages?
Right here: BL8.3.1 Status Page and here: BL8.3.1 Schedule

Where's the image display?
type "go" to start adxv

Where's BLU-ICE?
type "go" to get it started

I can't collect data, what do I do?
call "9-928-5556" on the phone

How do I use the robot for delayed data collection?
Click on Cool Hand Luke for instructions.

What do I do before I leave?
type "finished". This will trigger your last DVD (should take 10-20 minutes) and set up the beamline for the next user.

How do I re-anneal my crystal?
type "anneal.com" to control the annealing process

How do I get a strategy?
type "index" and the Elves will guide you through it

How do I process my data set?
type "process" and the Elves will guide you through it

How do I change Pinhole/Collimator?
You may do this only if you've been trained!!! type "realign.com" Click Here for a refresher .

How do I get my data home?
your DVDs will be made automatically. For firewire and network options, have a look at moving data around

General guidelines:

Do whatever makes sense to you

To minimize training, we are trying to organize the beamline so that following your intuition will have the desired outcome.  If it doesn't I'd like to hear about it.
Do not delete your data

That is my job. We do systemwide archives on Mondays so that you will always have a copy of your data at the beamline. We also do statistics on data collection to try and improve the user-friendliness of the beamline.
Do not compress your data

Compressed files still take up space and are impossible to process. They are not good for anything. If you want to compress files for transfer, have a look at moving data around for better ways to do this.

Do your processing in /home, not /data

Processing onto the data disk slows down data collection and takes up a lot of space. The /data disk is optimized for large files. Lots of small files can fill up /data at only ~75% of its full capacity!

Do not interfere with other people's beam time

If you are doing processing after your beam time, try to remember to restrict your CPU activity to a "crush" node and keep your files in the /local directory. Do NOT restore any files to /data unless you know how to preserve their date stamps. Image files with new dates will be mistaken for newly-collected data and mess up the automatic archiver.

For more information:

see the George Meigs beamline notes.