Linux Examples and Script Writing Help -->

using ~ in linux directory names
Pausing, Getting Input, and Parsing command line arguments for linux scripts
examples of using quotes inside scripts
Examples of expr, cal (Calendar), date, $USER
Moving a process in/out of the background
Examples of how to plot data with time formatting
More extensive Examples of gnuplot Time Format, Calculator, and other URLs
How the bl831 diagnostics page uses gnuplot
Great gnuplot web site, this page is an index of commands
gnuplot tutorial web site
AWK -->
Some useful examples of awk scripts
Examples of printf Formatting
How to print Special ASCII Characters
Examples of "FS" awk field separator and "OFS", Output Field Separator

On Line AWK Manual Easy to Browse
PDF fomatted file called "An awk Cheat Sheet"
More awk, AND a few octal dump examples
Create an html file of Links to URLs from an existing text file
Create a file containing the names of all the files in a directory

Time with tclsh -->

getting current or arbitrary unix time, various time manipulations using "tclsh"

::cwind:: readme file from the download site

NPT Tap Sizes
Tap and Clearance Drill Sizes
Decimal Equivalents for Indexed drill sizes