Cool Hand Luke
robot instructions

Link to BL8.3.1 Quick Reference Page

NOTE: Pins longer than 24 mm will NOT be saved!

Screen and Strategize as usual, right up to the point where you would push the "Collect" button.

Do NOT push "Collect"!!!

Open a terminal window in graphics3 (or using an existing terminal) type the following command:
The currently-programmed data colection will be saved for later.
This script will take pictures of your crystal and save all the data collection
parameters in BLU-ICE. Your crystal will be dismounted into the robot
dewar for data collection at a later time. (This takes about 5 minutes.)
This will tell you how much time the data collections stored in the robot
will take. Do not run over your allocated beamtime! There are no
catches in the system to prevent you from doing this.
This command will allow you to delete a particular sample from the robot queue.
Give it an argument ( 1 or 2 or 3, e.g.) or run it with NO arguments to pick which one to delete.
You can 'control C' to cancel the ""
When you are ready to have the robot remount your samples and collect your data.
1) Make sure the hutch door is closed.
2) Photons are "ON".
3) There is no pin on the goniometer.
4) Run this script.
It will tune up the beam, remount and re-align each of the crystals you saved with
and collect all the data you specified for each one.
Don't do anything except watch or just go home.
If anything goes wrong, the Robot's monitoring scripts will page James and George.
This will remount all your burnt-out pins from the robot, one a time, and prompt
you to remove the sample from the goniometer before the the next one is remounted. | grep your_name
(where "your_name" is a unique directory name associated with your saved samples.)
This will tell you the location of your saved samples in the CHL dewar.