PDF (mostly) files for assorted beamline componets

Beamline specific Info
Listing of BL831 AC Power, Panels, and Racks:
Listing of BL831 UPS's:

Galil Motor controllers:
Galil Commands for FLUIDIGM motor controller
Galil MANUAL for FLUIDIGM motor controller
Galil Commands for BEAMSTOP motor controller
Galil Manual for BEAMSTOP motor controller

Galil Analog to Digital Converters
Galil RIO A/D converter Command Reference
some examples of ASCII commands for the RIO

PCube Power Monitor Manual

Un-interuptible Power Supplies
Smart UPS Installation Guide
Smart UPS SUA3000RMXL3U User Manual
Manual for Smart UPS 1400

Quantum 315
Restarting the detector
Q315 detector envelope
Q315 face dimensions.pdf
Q315rTechSpecs NEW
Smart Switch Jr Used to squence on the power to the ADSC detector Power Supplies
Smart Switch Jr Quick Start Guide
Smart Switch Jr Manual Reset Proceedure
Smart Switch Jr some text notes, including serial commands and Chris's C program to sequence unit off and on
Dimensions of Trimline Instrument Rack. ?was this for the 315?

Chiller,Pump, CryoJet, and Air Conditioner Manuals
MYDAX Sector 8 Mono Crystal chiller
Kooltronic Air Conditioner Manual
BL1231 Tribodyne Diaphragm Pump unit
Granville Phiillips Convectectron Gauge Controller Model 375
Granville Phillips Ion Gauge Controller Model 350
Service Manual for Oxford Instrument's Cryojet
Gamma Vacuum IP Controller
Perkein Elmer IP Controller

Other manuals or catalogs
ASCII Commands for IMS MDrive Motors, e.g. one used for CHL chain
Applied Motion Motor STM 23S-23EE
Lantronix Serial to Ethernet converter
PTBurn SDK manual
Trip Lite KVM Switch
Trip Lite KVM Switch Firmware install NOTES
Trip Lite KVM Switch Firmware install PROCEDURE
Maxon Servo Control for Huber Goniometer Head
Manual for XCEU50 1/2" Near UV Sensitive B/W Camera
Sugar Cube High Intensity LED Illuminator Manual 19200,8,None,1,None
crush motherboard Manual
Festo Actuator Catalog
"The One Port" funky serial to ethernet converter
Omeaga heating wire specs/a>